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A holiday resort and a wine haven in one:

Chalet Resort Sölden

Wine is one of the oldest cultural treasures of mankind. And an inherent part of our contemporary epicurean culture. ‘In vino veritas’ as the saying goes. However, not every wine transports every palate to paradise. As guest in our Chalet Resort Sölden, we warmly invite you to participate in an exclusive degustation, a wine tasting of a very special kind as all the wines presented during the course of the tasting are genuine rarities. We purchase them from small private vineyards and long-standing traditional family wineries. None of the wines we offer are mass produced. But they are, without exception, of the highest quality and only a limited number of bottles are available. They’re not available for purchase in shops, nor can you find them in any bars or restaurants. They are only available from the winemakers themselves – or here, in the Chalet Resort Sölden.


Different landscapes, soils and microclimates create diverse wines with unique qualities. But it’s the careful cultivation and care of the vines and the pressing of the grapes that transform high-quality vines into wines with distinctive personalities and characters. And since each vintage has a different curve of development and different qualities and traits, we regularly re-appraise, expand and change our hand-picked selection. 


Savour exceptional wines, both red and white. Enjoy new aromas and mellow taste nuances and sample our latest discoveries. We can arrange a day and time for your personal ‘initiation’ into the secrets of wine to suit your preferences. For a delectable start to your holiday we can arrange for a few small bottles to be awaiting you on your arrival in Sölden. If you prefer to conclude your break with a tasting, then you can savour some fine drops from our ‘wine resort’ on your return home.  


To Your Good Health!

Our in-house vinoteque

Every drop a promise of good taste

Wine lovers, wine connoisseurs and all those who want to become one will find in Christoph Simonich an enthusiastic conversation partner and a competent advisor.

He grew up in a wine region, has a diploma as a sommelier and has had a passion for many years: he is always on the lookout for particularly fine wines. Where he finds them remains his secret.
It's no secret whom he serves his wines: You! Only you, to be precise.

Your holiday resort in Ötztal, the Chalet Resort Sölden, hereby cordially invites you:
To a wine journey in our house and our vinotheque.

It's not who he serves it to: you. Just you, to be precise. Your holiday home in the Ötztal, the Chalet Resort Sölden, hereby cordially invites you: to a wine journey in our parlor in our vinotheque


Opening times of our vinotheque can be found on our website.


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Holidays in Sölden. Our Packages
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