5 chalets, 4 stars and 24 hours of daily bliss – for body, mind and soul.

We travelled the world – and finished up in the Alps. We searched for a landscape that possessed an inherent beauty – and we found it in the Ötztal valley. Our desire to be in the middle of it all and yet a world away was also fulfilled – here in Sölden.

We dreamed of a small but exclusive holiday village. Of a place of carefree happiness and relaxation. Of cosy, rustic log houses. The concept of such a holiday house was clear in our minds. The standards we set for a holiday apartment were high. We didn’t want to make any compromises.

The result is five very special chalets. With lots of privacy, an outstandingly cosy ambience and a natural, healthy living environment. Asthma and allergy sufferers can, quite literally, ‘breathe easy’. And everyone else too, of course!

Our dream became reality. Its name: Chalet Resort Sölden. A place for all those in search of an authentic, traditional and out-of-the-ordinary holiday experience. Could that be you…?


Reservation & Information: 0043 5254 / 30 700

Chalet Resort Sölden GmbH, Schmiedhofstraße 2, 6450 Sölden - Ötztal - Austria
E-Mail: office@chalet-soelden.at