Spring & Autumn

Swap city lights for mountain scenery

In the Ötztal valley spring is a very special time of year. Snow falls on the mountain peaks. The sun shines its rays on empty ski slopes, at the edge of which the delicate green of the meadows is starting to show. The transition season between winter and summer is the perfect time to experience the best of everything. But there’s one thing you won’t experience – crowds!

At this time of the year in Sölden you can enjoy the authentic tranquillity of a mountain village, plenty space in the glacier cable cars, fantastic skiing in the glorious morning sunshine, idyllic snowshoe hikes and fun-packed tobogganing.

Snow-free trails are perfect for afternoon hikes and biking tours. Nature awakens in all its glory. Rustic mountain huts with sun-drenched terraces await you throughout the region, and you can savour space and freedom to the full. Speaking of ‘savouring’ – we know that Burkhardt’s pine schnaps is the best money can buy, and Irmgard’s apple strudel is an old family recipe and her dumplings are out of this world. And we know that Andi’s cheese fondue is truly second to none.

Your holiday house here is your ‘base camp’ for a vast spectrum of leisure activities and for exploring the area’s tempting culinary delights. Enjoy the unspoilt nature of the Ötztal valley. Enjoy the freedom of your spacious holiday house. Enjoy a stay with us in the Chalet Resort Sölden.

Early or late in the year – always a good time.

If you can’t find the time for a break in spring, then why not take a breather from your daily routine in the late summer? The air is filled with the scent of mountain herbs and flowers, and fresh snow glitters on the mountain peaks. Sölden is still brimming with the joys of summer, while the mountains are already offering winter sports. What more could you want for a perfect holiday?

Well, perhaps a detached house with a sun-blessed balcony and a spacious terrace? A little chalet village, offering peace and tranquillity and, at the same time, mountains of possibilities. A place for unwinding and recharging your batteries.

Taking a step back brings us closer to our inner selves. Taking time to reflect helps us see the world more clearly. Far away from any hustle and bustle, you appreciate your life once more for what it is – a precious gift. 

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Chalet Resort Sölden in Ötztal
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Family Snow - Package
14.03.2020 - 18.04.2020
Two wheels. One adventure.
Two wheels.
One adventure.
05.06.2020 - 06.10.2020
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