Snow is not always the same.

Snowshoe Hiking, Cross-country Skiing & Tobogganing: Sölden has it all.

Making somersaults in the snow, drawing white angels in life size, romping around at wild snowball fights and trying completely new winter activities far away from the beaten tracks: snow is the most faceted natural element made of water - especially here in lovely Sölden where winter shows its most beautiful and varied side, including marvelous off-piste highlights far away from après-Ski and powder-Fun.

The Classic: Tobogganing

Even hundreds of years ago, the toboggan or sled was already used by mountain farmers and Alpine workers in order to transport heavy goods uphill and downhill. Since then the toboggan has been providing also ultimate sledding fun to young and old. Thrilling downhill rides, speedy adventures, jovial rest stops at a mountain hut - either by day or at night. The two highly awarded natural toboggan runs of  Gaislachalm/Silbertal and Stallwiesalm can be found in vicinity to the Chalet Resorts Sölden: tobogganing in Sölden is a real highlight not to be missed for all the family. Fun-filled hours full of laughter await you.

Unrivaled winter fun on two runners for all ages and preferences ...
Ice Skating
Scenic leisure time activity for families off the beaten slopes ...
Ski Mountaineering
Pristine powder slopes, bizarre rocks, ice-topped peaks, wild glaciers ...
Nordic Skiing
Peace and quiet, crisp air and sunshine in an awesome natural setting ...
Snowshoe Hiking
Snow-blanketed winter trails just perfect to explore fascinating mountains ...

Ready, steady, hit the slopes!

The oldest cross-country ski is about 4,000 years old. Still today the passion for Nordic skiing continues unabated. Sölden boasts also a vast network of excellently groomed cross-country skiing tracks for classic-style and skating fans. There is almost nothing more beautiful than a scenic journey across the winter wonderland, past the breathtaking countryside, encircled by the mighty Alpine peaks of the Ötztal Valley. Authentic nature exploration combined with a highly effective activity - as Nordic skiing works 90 % of your body's muscles.

Get in close touch with nature.

Sölden is the ideal spot for all those in search of pristine Alpine landscapes, secluded side valleys and unspoilt nature experiences. Simply grab your snowshoes and head for the winter wonderland right on your doorstep. Or give ski mountaineering a try, which promises great moments of happiness close to the sky. Follow the sounds of wilderness or the traces of a wild animal. Admire the valley's varied fauna and flora on your way through an untouched paradise. Breathe crisp and clean mountain air. Discover a totally new dimension of mountain sports. We can give you heaps of useful advice on the most scenic tours or plan your personal mountain adventure.

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