For your nature to find a healthy balance:

Advice, workouts and massages at Chalet Resort Sölden.

Finally time for holidays! Finally time for everything you missed out on in everyday life. However, every activity and all idleness need the respective opposite so the body remains in a healthy balance, the spirit becomes free and the soul can find itself again. For your host Michaela Mader, holism and sustainability are the essence of her activities. For you to really recharge your batteries, support your vitality and feel completely comfortable. For now, for at home, and for everything you enjoy doing in the Ötztal.

Supervision, monitoring, increasing performance: For athletes and active vacationers.

Whether it is biking, climbing or hiking, skiing or snowboarding – to actively enjoy the alpine world, there is a lot you can do at Chalet Resort Sölden before and after exercise. We are happy to provide advice and support for the improvement of your performance and regeneration.

More relaxation, more energy: Massages for body, mind and soul.

For many, a stay at Chalet Resort Sölden is more than just beautiful holidays at the Ötztal. “Slowing down” is the magic word – from the rush hours of everyday life to the tranquility of the Alps. Your host Michaela Mader supports you in doing yourself some good – from head to toe, from the outside for the inside.


Our massages offer very concrete:

  • Traditional full or partial body massage with a wide choice of natural high-quality essential oils (e.g. mountain arnica, lavender, citrus)
  • Full body massage with bags of grape seeds and warm grape seed oilPartial body massage for heavy legs with ivy gel – stimulating the blood flow, regenerating, invigorating
  • Foot reflexology
  • Lymphatic drainage – encourages regeneration, has a loosening and relaxing effect
  • Meridian massage – stimultes the energy flow in the body, balancing and harmonizing
  • Connective tissue massage – improves metabolism, stimulates the circulation
  • Taping – eases discomfort, supports the locomotor system (e.g. in sports)


Our physio-offer very concrete: 

Sport-specific advice and training:

  • Analysis of your motion sequences
  • Individual training program for optimizing of motion sequences
  • Leg axis exercises
  • Equilibrium and coordination training
  • Training therapy
  • Running analysis on treadmill and outdoors

Sport-specific regeneration:

  • Design of ideal regeneration programs
  • Heat treatments
  • Wide range of massage offers
  • Gentle stretching exercises

Dietary advice:

  • Natural support of the various body processes with regard to strength, stamina and muscle development
  • Consultation “Diet and sport”: Nutrient effect, metabolic processes, digestive processes and their interactions
  • Composition of an individual diet plan for the duration of your stay
  • Upon consultation: free rental of further literature from our specialist library

For more informations please contact Michaela Mader at
+43 664 427 1600.

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