All that a dream holiday requires is you. Here with us.

When that yearning feeling stops, you know you’ve found what you were searching for – a home, roots, happiness. A wonderful holiday filled with joyful moments awakens a new zest that lasts for weeks. A profound appreciation of life that is more than just a pleasant memory. That’s the feeling we want to give to you. Here in Sölden.

Taking a break means doing – or not doing – whatever you please. Your needs, your interests, your wishes are all that matter to us. We know the Ötztal valley like the back of our hand. Whatever you’re looking for – nature, relaxation, pampering, wining and dining or sport – we know all the best places to go.

When it comes to exercise and sport, we are in our element when we’re hiking, climbing, skiing and biking. If that sounds like your kind of fun too, then simply ask us for advice and tips! We’re here if you need us. Unobtrusive but obliging. We’re always happy to help in word and deed. Whenever and as often as you want. 

For us, hospitality is much more than just a word. We take hospitality very seriously and we offer it from the heart. Every day. 

A warm welcome to Chalet Resort Sölden

Michaela   Christoph   

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Chalet Resort Sölden GmbH, Schmiedhofstraße 2, 6450 Sölden - Ötztal - Austria